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If Facebook existed during World War 2

Good evening! So I guess I’ve been away from this blog for a while. I’m only half heartedly sorry though. We’ve been having a month long heatwave in the UK, I don’t remember weather this good since I was a child. As as a result  I’ve been out enjoying and playing in the sunshine and making the most of it before it’s brolly weather again.

This post is a bit of a lazy one. I saw this being shared on my newsfeed; If Facebook existed during World War 2. It totally made me chuckle, so I thought I’d share it, as I’m sure it would make a few of you chuckle too! It’s courtesy of I wish I was taught history GCSE like this!

I hope you all have an enjoyable Sunday evening :).

Day 21/30: How time flies…

21st of April is an important date in my family. Like with any family, the birth of a new baby is a much celebrated occasion. On the 21st of April 1997 my family were blessed with welcoming, not one, but two little boys into our family. My sister gave birth to very tiny little twins. It was a long awaited day, one that we as a family, never thought would happen. She had quite a battle trying to conceive, which involved rounds of IVF, so we didn’t really believe it was happening until the boys arrived into this world. This year the little boys turned 16. I just don’t know where that time is gone. It’s crazy to think that 16 years ago how tiny they were and that they weighed less than 1.5kg each. I had a massive cringe moment though when I went to see them, I was standing by an incubator looking at a child thinking it was one of the twins, and said to my brother in law “he’s really cute” as soon as he walking into the neonatal itensive care unit, only for him to say “they’re over here”, pointing to the opposite side of the room.

Anyway here is a pic of them on the day the were born, they look a lot bigger and healthier these days! What a blessing they are!


Day 25/30: Round 2 of playing catch up

I’ve completely flopped at this challenge this time round. Having to do another round of catch up posts is seriously lame. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with “Project Attic”. Let’s just say it is amazing how much junk a family can accumulate over 25 years. On a brighter note, the clearing out the attic part of the mission has almost come to an end. Tomorrow will be the day of the big clean and then hopefully start painting on Saturday. The dilemma I have at the moment is to figure out whether to paint the walls white or cream. I also can’t decide whether to go for a simple plain minimalist approach or go for something which is quirkier and injects some of my character into the space.

I have made one decision though. I’m going to buy this cushion from Homebase!!

UJ cushion

Day 16/30: Back on track :)

Yay, I’m back on course with the 30 day challenge. So here’s a random post, just because I feel like it. Enjoy the cute duck!


Day 13/30: English Vinglish

Wonderful signage here, someone is in dire need of spell checker! It made me chuckle out loud!


Day 1/30: lil kunj is back and doing the 30 day blogging challenge AGAIN!

Namaste! Happy April Fools day!!

I guess my period of absence has been a lame, especially as I disappeared without any explanation and totally broke my blogging New Year resolution. I’ve been hanging out in my motherland, India, and haven’t really had access to Internet, seeing as my parents are from a pretty rural part of the country.

So to make up for my lack of posts, I’ve decided to do another 30-day blogging challenge this month, with this being my first post.

I have a lot of catching up to do with lil kunj big world. I promised you guys all photos of my mini jaunt to Spain, so those will be posted up in the next couple of weeks. On top of that I got a tad bit snap happy in India, so you’ll be seeing those photos too.  There will be photos of Jaipur, as well as photos from some lesser-known places in the state of Bihar, which is generally of the tourist trail.

I may even post up some photos of the mini project I am doing at my parents house, which is emptying the attic and turning it into a study/social space for myself. Let’s just say this attic has been neglected for around 25 years and has just been used as a storage space for junk.  So I’ll be tidying and cleaning it and on a very miniscule budget. I’ll be trying to turn it into a mini relaxing haven for myself. Also I think in a way my parents will be pleased that I’ll be making use of their hand carved walnut coffee table and other wonderful bits and bobs that they’ve forgotten about.  You guys can give me ideas and also see how it’s progressing.

On that note, it’s bed time for me, but it’s good to be back here and blogging away!


P.s. This isn’t an April Fool!

Happy 2013 from lil kunj Big World

In the spirit of a New Year, resolutions and all that jazz I thought it’d be most appropriate for my first post of 2013 to be a cool, motivational quote about fresh starts.

So my lovelies, I hope you all work hard, smile, laugh, have fun and make it a year to remember!

Happy 2013 everyone!


Day 29/30: lil kunj’s New Years resolutions

It’s that time of year again where everyone ponders over the happenings of the past 12 months. We reflect on our successes and failures and wonder where time has gone. I’ m not going to look at the set of resolutions that I made last year, they were a bit of a flop. Maybe I was being slightly ambitious or I set myself resolutions that didn’t really interest me. Whatever the reason I’ve been thinking what things I would like to change in 2013.

So here goes, these are my resolutions for the following year:

  1. Write 3 blog posts a week
  2. Take more photos
  3. Read a book every month
  4. Try something new/out of my comfort zone every month
  5. Exercise 2-3 times a week
  6. Pass a certain exam that I’ve been delaying for a while.
  7. Travel to 3 different countries
  8. Experiment with my style and clothes more
  9. Do at least 2 more 30 day challenges
  10. Tell my family I love them more often and be more affectionate towards them

Anyway I don’t think these are overly ambitious resolutions. I think rather than trying to do everything in one go and attempting to be superwoman, I’m going to take it one month at a time and see how enjoyable certain things are and gradually incorporate it into my life.

Anyway good night folks!

Day 24/30: lil kunj’s first letter to Santa

Final post from earlier on in the week;

I’ve decided that today’s post is going to be a letter to Santa. Yeah I know I’m nearing the wrong side of 25 and may be a tiny bit old to write a letter to Santa, but I’ve never done it before. So here goes.

Dear Santa,

How is life in Lapland? I hope it’s not too chilly and that sorting out Christmas presents is going well. I’ve been a very good girl this year, in fact I’ve been exceptionally good for the latter part of the year. You’ll be dead impressed, I’ve cut down on both partying and drinking. Therefore as I’ve been really good there are a fair few things that I would really like over the course of next year, hence spreading the Christmas peace, love and joy throughout the year.

1.A trouble free year for my northern house. Please no broken boilers that need to be replaced or annoying cleaners that don’t clean the house, and stay 20 minutes instead of the 2 hours that they are paid for.

  1. A bike, so that I can learn how to ride one and then go to Amsterdam and take a cycle tour of the city
  2. To be able to go back to the motherlands, India and Nepal. It has been 7 years since I last visited, and I’ll be happy with a quick trip. As strange as it is, as long as I get to visit my grandparents graves, I’ll be happy. I’ve been feeling very restless for a long time and have thought that visiting them will be the answer.
  3. Motivation to exercise, so that I can have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model and the fitness of an Olympian (now that’s a dreamy desirable combination!)
  4. Finally if you could send a nice looking, lovely guy towards my general direction it would be much appreciated, however I understand that that may be pushing it a bit.

On the downside as our oven has broken there will be no mince pies for you. However there is lots of tasty homemade curry that you can help yourself to! Also there’s a selection of alcoholic beverages in the drinks cabinet. Feel free to help yourself, but make sure you’re not over the legal drink and sleigh drive limit. Regards to Rudolph, there are lots of Spanish apples if he fancies it.

Till next year,

Kunjshri, Age 25 and ¾’s, Bristol.


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