lil kunj’s first ever blog post!

Woohoo. I’ve finally got round to writing my first ever blog post!

Welcome to lil kunj Big World.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, over a year in fact. However I was always a bit apprehensive about my blog not being up to scratch visually and being criticised by the cyber savvy amongst us (I’m a paranoid person!), but I thought, let’s just bite the bullet and get on with it, I want to be a cyber savvylicious being too, I can make it all pretty at a later date, I need to get to grips with using WordPress!.

For the time being this blog is just a way of expressing my random musings about life, my quest for fabulousness, frustrations, fashion and maybe even the odd bit of intelligent banter.

Hopefully over the course of the next year (if I can manage to keep this going for that long) you can follow me on my little journey from being a complete loser in the kitchen to hopefully becoming a domestic cooking goddess, or at the very least be able to rustle up some healthy, tasty food.

Anyway good night lovely people.

Await my first post tomorrow!



2 responses to “lil kunj’s first ever blog post!”

  1. Matthew W says :

    Hello and welcome to the world of “Blogging” !!!

    Just having taken a quick look at your posts, you seem to be a little bit interested in fashion !!!!

    Good luck with learning to cook and have fun.

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      Hello!! Thank you. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 5 weeks now! It still feels very new. I am indeed a little bit interested in fashion, but there are other things that capture my interest too! The cooking has been lame so far, I haven’t even cooked anything since. I may try and help oyt for Xmas dinner though! Any quick, easy bacony ideas you want to share??

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