lil kunj takes on the big guns: Marks and Spencer and John Lewis

Ok, so I’ve had a pretty boring morning. Spent most of it editing complaint letters to various companies, regarding their level or customer service, or the quality of goods/services purchased from them. I know a few of my acquaintances think that it’s a pointless effort, but if these companies charge, whether ridiculous amounts or not, I expect things to be tip top, or satisfactory at least, you know?!

My first peeve is with M&S, it’s quite minor, just had an encounter with a rather rude manager when it came to returning some items. Basically the receipt that I was issued didn’t have a barcode. As a result she said that she was unable to issue a refund, as apparently without a barcode it’s not proof of purchase. The madam in question then went on to demonstrate that there is no way a receipt would come out of a till like that. Clearly us young people have nothing better to do in our spare time than steal stuff, tamper with receipts or even make a fake receipt. Clearly that’s a new way of getting thrills these days, so extreme! Anyway I don’t like being accused of being a thief by implication, nor do I like having to lug all the items back to the store another day with a credit card statement, which surprise surprise matches the receipt details.

Anyway complaint letter drafted, printed and sent. Let’s see what they say.

Second peeve. John Lewis. Bought furniture from them, all the drawer supports in the three chests of drawers purchased kinda broke upon assembling. Not cool, and trust me, it’s definitely not my botch DIY attempt with flat pack self build furniture. The rest of the furniture was assembled perfectly by moi [Cue: Independent Woman, Destiny’s Child], so much for their “Never knowingly undersold” slogan that takes over my TV screen during the run up to Christmas. Talk about being taunted. So again complaint letter drafted with photos of offending items and posted.

John Lewis and Marks and Spencer, I not so patiently await your response.

Oh, and just to clarify I’m not sending the complaints by post because I want letters to open, that’s just a bonus! I like getting post that’s not a bank statement or a credit card bill.


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