lil kunj learns the art of cooking: Shortbread biscuits

first attempt at home made shortbread biscuits

For those of you reading this, I am the WORST cook EVER. No joke.

You know those kids on that BBC Three programme Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum? I could give them a run for their money when it comes to my lack of talent in the kitchen. I do think it’s quite funny but I am no way proud about it. I don’t really know why I hate cooking. Well I kinda do. My mum’s an amazing cook, so that didn’t help. Why would I want to cook, when I know that my mum will be able to make something far superior in half the time that it would take me?

Anyway, I know you’re going to think how on Earth did I manage to get through uni and not cook. This is where it gets even more embarrassing; my parents used to visit me every 2 weeks, bearing massive bags of home cooked goodies, which were then divided into little daily portions and placed in my freezer, so that I could just defrost food and microwave it and eat. It was quite neat, plus it gave the parents a chance to see me and check that their little baby was fine and well and healthy at uni. I didn’t complain: tasty food without cooking – good times!

Finally, I just hated cooking. I don’t know why, it was just effort. So much effort. Being s**t scared of my cookery teacher at school didn’t help matters, being scared of my mother made it worse (one word of advice, never go into an Indian mummy’s kitchen to try and do stuff, you WILL either get yelled at or just told not to worry and to leave it up to her).

So, I got quite frustrated yesterday when my brother-in-law told me that I’m lame because I can’t cook. So I initially set out to prove him wrong. Unfortunately his father passed away in the early hours of this morning, so instead of proving him wrong, I attempted to make shortbread biscuits, so that he can have a nice yummyish snack when he’s making his journey to India to pay his final respects to his father.

So here is a picture of my results (please excuse the not fantastic quality of the picture). Not bad for my first attempt at shortbread, and also that I haven’t made anything in years.  I have to admit after overcoming the fact that you can apparently “beat butter and sugar together” (I thought you just did that with eggs?!) it was quite plain sailing, albeit a bit messy.


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