lil kunj and the Versace for H&M collaboration: Opinion

That's hot!!

This one is for all you fashionistas out there. I’ve actually been having nightmares over the course of the week about not being able to get my hands on some of the products from this much-anticipated collection. Yeah, yeah, sad, I know.

So seeing as they didn’t stock this little crazy collection in my local H&M stores in Bristol, I was supposed to trek to Cardiff in the wee hours so that I could get my hands on some of the little beauties that Versace have designed for H&M. However I couldn’t be bothered because I love my bed and warmth more, but also on my little trip to London on Tuesday I saw some of the collection displayed in the window at their Regent Street store. To be honest, in real life it didn’t seem anything exceptional. The gold accessories, which is what I mainly wanted, just looked a bit faded and tacky (you know that faded look at artificial gold jewelry gets when it gets old, it had that look, which is not a good look!).

Also, my friend and I thought the pink men’s leather shoes seemed badly made, and generally the entire men’s collection just seemed a bit absurd and ludicrous.

However I am willing to give it all the benefit of doubt and it may look better on real people as opposed to shop mannequins.

I was also quite annoyed at not winning H&M’s Twitter competition to get to shop the collection 10 minutes before everyone else. Not that I’m a bitter loser or anything! However I was slightly disheartened to see that almost every single person picked was a fashion blogger or someone who worked in PR etc. Seems like H&M are a bunch of penny pinching misers and just wanted some free publicity. They also really need to up their game online. Their website was down for hours. I couldn’t get on until 2pm, and it still then kept crashing and kept telling me I was underage and couldn’t pay by credit card (in another situation that would be flattering, but in this situation it was just damn right annoying!).

Luckily I managed to order 2 dresses online but couldn’t get my hands on any of the accessories, which was ultimately what I wanted.  I was also disheartened by the fact that none of the clothing went down to a size 6, so I’m hoping H&M has small sizes, otherwise I’ll be having to return my loot.

I’ll post some pics up in a few weeks (as the delivery date is as late as 2nd December!) for you guys to check out and see what the booty looks like on a realperson rather than some skinny arse model (ok I know I’m diddy but I’m not 5’10”). We’ll see if it passes my crazy, banal quality tests or whether it’s just better to stash your cash and buy something from M&S sales instead when the second round of Versace’s H&M collaboration launches on the 19th of January.

Check out the pics of the pink suit. I think the city boys should don some of this attire.


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2 responses to “lil kunj and the Versace for H&M collaboration: Opinion”

  1. Dominique says :

    OMG! You are so lucky! The US online store isn’t open yet so the chance of me getting anything is low. Cant wait to see what you got!:)

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      Awwe, thank you! I hope you do get a chance to nab some of the items when the US online store does open. I will post pictures of what I got online as soon as I get them. I’m looking forward to it, it’s been a long time since I’ve got anything in the mail!

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