lil kunj was going to do a really lame film review, but was let down, so reviews her clothes instead!

Snake Ring

Yay!! I had cinema date tonight, or so I thought! I was actually in love my £8.66 monthly subscription to The Times, occasionally free tickets to the cinema for film previews is definitely a plus!! They allow you two tickets so you don’t have to be a loner! But then the trusty Times sent an email saying that they were cancelling the screening because “there was a problem with the delivery of the print”. Seriously lame, I got all dressed up and everything.

I think I managed to get the cool winter look right today, although it did take me half an hour to put my ensemble together after being confused about what I should wear.  I think it’s quite a soft look, so I wanted some cool fierce accessories that have a wow/grrr factor, but not scary, scaring people off is never a good look. So I teamed my outfit up with my snug Ed Hardy boots, with the funky tiger pattern (I wanted the ones with the skull on, but I was talked out of getting them, because they may have been a bit too scary), my cool snake ring and bracelet, which I got from Primark! (I never shop there, so this is like a novelty). And then my plan was to go to River Island and buy these skull earrings that I’ve been eyeing them up for a couple of weeks now to finish the look. My plan was to succumb to temptation today. I couldn’t wait any longer. I think the fact that I waited a few weeks was good. Now I just have to wait another day

Oh and the film that I was meant to watch is called Take Shelter, go watch it and find out for yourselves whether it’s good as I can’t tell you anything about it. Now a box of chocolates and pyjamas awaits me!

Snake Bracelet


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4 responses to “lil kunj was going to do a really lame film review, but was let down, so reviews her clothes instead!”

  1. kayannward says :

    I like the snake bracelet..actually I love it..I bought it for a friend on her B-Day, I was gonna get one for myself, but decided not to, I’m on the verge of going back to get it.

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      Thank you. I love snake jewellery, especially because I think a lot of people aren’t too inclined to wear it. So it’s a bit different! Thanks for stopping by and having a read!

  2. phillybookpicks says :

    Hi….. Love the handbag and coat , you look very nice. Check out my handbag online store link.

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