lil kunj goes on a spending spree

Super cool looking mannequin

Yay I finally got to go shopping yesterday and scour the shops for clothes to add to my forever growing wardrobe. I ended up buying a rather questionable faux fur leopard print coat from Guess. It’s very current season. It looked nice on the mannequin, but I don’t think I can rock it as well as the mannequin can, which is just a bit hmph. I also purchased a cute little black bag from House of Fraser.  Check out the pics of the mannequin rocking the coat and then me trying to rock it.


What I’m wearing:

Coat: Guess £160

Jeans and jumper: Mango  and Debenhams respectively (bought years ago)

Bag: Therapy, House of Fraser £55

Bag and coat

not very cool me


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One response to “lil kunj goes on a spending spree”

  1. Wu-chicDO says :

    love the faux fur coat.. thats so chic!!

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