lil kunj takes on the big guns: John Lewis complaint progress

I received a reply from John Lewis asking for more details, so that they can deal with my enquiry. For those of you who don’t know, I posted last week about how I bought furniture from them. The items I bought included three chests of drawers, the same part in all three chest of drawers broke upon assembling.

John Lewis’s response time was quite good, they replied within 2 weeks, so no complaints there. However I’m slightly annoyed with their response. Firstly the letter asks for more details so that they can deal with my enquiry, I wrote a complaint, I didn’t ask them a question, they should know the difference right? It’s them who have to investigate and do an enquiry. Secondly they’ve asked for whether I could advise them where I purchased the offending items in question from – whether on line, telephone or in store – and if it was in store, then to direct my enquiry to them. I think that’s pretty poor and demonstrates that they clearly haven’t read the letter properly, as it states in the first paragraph the date of when and where I placed the order and when it was received. Thirdly I’m pretty sure that they could have traced the order without me giving them the order number, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on the third issue.

Surely their customer services team is paid to deal with complaints properly? I wouldn’t have actually minded if they had taken a while longer to reply, and instead sent a reply that implies “yes we’re John Lewis and we care about you as our customer, like we advertise, and I’ve taken a whole 3 minutes of my working day of which I’m paid for, to deal with complaints like this appropriately” instead of a letter that screams “I don’t care, I can’t be bothered to read your letter you whiney cow, because I’m to busy and we’re John Lewis, we can take your money and screw you over, deal with it”.

I wish I were as cool in consumer affairs as Anne Robinson or Martin Lewis, or that I just had those two to set on John Lewis.  Anyway reply back to John Lewis has been drafted and will pop it in the post tomorrow. Let’s see if they can explain themselves


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