lil kunj and the new Marni for H&M collaboration: Step aside Ms Donatella

I don't own this pic

It feels as though the dust has hardly settled over the hype about the Versace for H&M collaboration that was launched only a number of days ago, yet H&M have announced the latest designer to be collaborating with them. The Italian label Marni has teamed up with H&M to create a number of pieces for the Spring collection which will go on sale in a select number of H&M stores (around 260) worldwide and online on March 8th 2012.

I don't own this pic either but someone seems rather smiley 🙂

Versace for H&M are still yet to release another collection that goes on sale on the 19thof January 2012, it all seems to soon for me.  I still haven’t gotten over the hype about the most recent Versace collection (as my dresses only arrived yesterday). I was already excited about the January Versace collection and now the announcement of another collaboration in March is making me a bit hyper! It’s all getting a bit too much and to exciting!

I need my fashion excitement in small doses, preferably spaced out so it doesn’t hurt my purse. What is a girl to do? Too many designer collaborations in such a short space of time, I guess I just need to pick and choose carefully.


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