lil kunj dresses up in Versace for H&M collaboration dresses!

Happy days!! My Versace for H&M collaboration loot arrived today. I had been impatiently checking the status of the package for the past few days. I was hoping that I would have received it earlier. I only managed to nab two dresses from the collection for myself, as when I finally managed to log onto the website most of the collection had already sold out. The few remaining items that they did have would sell out by the time you got to the checkout: this happened with a few accessories that I tried to buy, I had them in my basket, but by the time I got to the checkout, it stated that it had sold out while I was shopping. So close yet so far *sighs* Nevermind.

Anyway pictures of the dresses on me (a real normalish person!) are below.

Dark Blue Side

The first one is the blue oriental print silk mini dress. I have to say I think this dress looks so much better once it’s on, without the leggings as they were originally advertised. However I can understand that the point of the advertising was meant convey “Versace for H&M collection has landed, LOOK NOW!!”.

The dress is a vibrant colour, which will definitely get you noticed. It is made of silk, personally upon touching it, it’s not the nicest feeling silk, it’s feels a bit rough. However it’s better than other silk dresses that I own, which are prone to catching on anything and everything and then snagging. So in that respect even after a few wears this dress will still look as good as new, which is excellent. I have no quibbles regarding the stitching of it, I think it’s very well made and the seams are very strong and well sewn, therefore no issues of splitting (or you’ll have a job on your hands!) when you are trying to take the dress of after a tipsy night out. The dress I feel is actually quite sexy – it’s short enough to make you feel sexy and dressed up, but long enough so that you’re parents approve (Thank you Donatella for creating something that’s sexy, decent and has the cool factor!). I particularly like the fact that one side (the dark blue one) is shorter, it gives it that racier, cheeky feel whilst the longer, pleated side, (the turquoise one) balances it out maintaining a classiness to it. The straps are an unusual design, and the round gold button works well and give the dress a wonderful finishing touch, allowing the dress to transition from a slightly unusual dress to a very unique eye catching number. Overall this dress for me is a hit!

Me having a silly excitable moment

A normal picture of the dress










The second dress I purchased is the black, fringed heart dress. I pretty much have the same thing to say about this dress as I did about the blue one regarding material, quality of stitching etc. I personally don’t think this dress looksthat great on me, I think maybe if I was a bit taller and if it was a smaller size (UK size 6) it would make a big difference to the look and fit of it. It has the potential to be a funky outfit, unfortunately just not on me. Also the fringing I find is actually quite annoying,

Black, fringed heart dressand I kind of feel it should be on Strictly come dancing Cha cha-ing away.

My only personal quibble with both dresses/the collection in general is that I was wish it went down to UK size 6, as they are both slightly loose on me, so the fit isn’t that great. I guess seeing as it’s Christmas I can stuff my face with Christmas dinners and mince pies and cream in the hope I put on a bit of weight and fill out into these dresses.


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11 responses to “lil kunj dresses up in Versace for H&M collaboration dresses!”

  1. cys2011 says :

    you’re very pretty

  2. Dana says :

    Exciting! I love getting new packages in the mail… especially when they are full of cute outfits!

  3. inihos says :

    I love the blue dress!

  4. citymalik says :

    I love the print silk dress. It’s flirty yet casual and it’s a great spring color.

  5. thepoetdaniel says :

    Beautiful, you are! Who needs a runway model!

  6. sustainabilitea says :

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thought I’d return the favor and I’m glad I did. I really like the first dress and I love H&M, although sometimes I’ve gone there and not really found anything I love that looks good on me. Other times, though, I could buy out the store. I have a hard time finding pants there, though. Most pants makers these days seem to assume that women don’t have waists!

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