lil kunj and Times plus L’Occitane event review: A Flop

On Tuesday evening I went to a small beauty event held by my local L’Occitane boutique for Times plus members.

I’ve considered doing reviews of beauty products and beauty events and this seemed like the perfect test run. The 15% discount that they offered all standard products (excluding gift boxes as they were already sold at a discounted price) also looked handy, especially as it’s the run up to Christmas.

Overall I wasn’t too impressed with the whole affair. The Times plus website promised “an exclusive after-hours event at L’Occitane boutiques nationwide with drinks, canapés, exclusive offers and a complimentary luxury beauty bag worth over £50”. Maybe I was in a foul mood but I wasn’t overly impressed at arriving 10 minutes early and being told to come back in 10 minutes at the exact time the event started. It was only 10 minutes – not 15 or 20 – which I think  “yeah maybe a bit too early” but just 10 minutes? I don’t think that’s extortionately early. I would have assumed that even if they hadn’t been ready, they would have at least made provisions for guests who arrived early, at least to let them into the warmth. You see I always forget that after living fairly centrally in London for couple of years, not all shops nationwide shut at 8 or 9pm, the majority shut between 5 and 6pm, which is true for my home city. So having to literally go for a wander in the freezing cold, with no shops to keep me occupied, made me one very unhappy bunny. I think the redeeming feature of this event was the fact that L’Occitane make some beautiful products, some of which smell absolutely divine, and that the staff were lovely.

Oh and the beauty bag, definitely not worth “£50” or “over “£50” as stated on the Times plus website. I’m sad and pedantic, so I  went onto the L’Occitane website and worked out the value of the sample sizes included. The grand total comes to £28.12 (You can check out the maths at the very end).

I don’t actually mind that that’s the value, nor would I have minded if they didn’t give one. Times plus could have just stated the actual value instead of some over inflated value to lure people into going. False advertising is a big peeve of mine. It’s annoying and not fair and it catches people out. Groupon is another culprit who occasionally omits the all important small print or terms and conditions. Though since The Times is owned by News International I don’t really expect anything less from them. I hope all paid Times events aren’t like this, otherwise it’s just not worth the money. Overall I rate the event as a flop. Not and complete flop, but a flop nonetheless.

On a happier note, I look forward to testing out some of the L’Occitane products! I’ll keep you posted.

The over valued "Goodie Bag"

The maths:

  1. Pivoine Flora Beaty Milk: 250ml is £18 therefore 75ml is worth £5.40
  2. Pivione Flora Shower Gel: 250ml is £13 therefore 75ml is worth £3.90
  3. Fleur Cherie Bath and Shower Gel: 250ml is £13 therefore 75ml is worth £3.90
  4. Essential Water for face: 200ml is £16 therefore 30ml is worth £2.40
  5. Almond Shower Oil: 250ml is £16 therefore 35ml is worth £2.24
  6. Precious Night Cream: 50ml is £49 therefore 3ml is worth £2.94
  7. Precious Cream: 50ml is £39 therefore 3ml is worth £2.34
  8. Dry Foot Cream: 30ml is £7.50 (part of set with 30ml Dry Skin Hand Cream for £15 total) therefore 10ml is worth £2.50
  9. Dry Skin Hand Cream: 30ml is £7.50 (see above) therefore 10ml is worth £2.50

So there you can see for yourselves that the total adds up to £28.12 for the total value (maybe add a bit more for packaging costs, but I bet it still won’t anywhere near £50).


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3 responses to “lil kunj and Times plus L’Occitane event review: A Flop”

  1. prakritiherbals says :

    Do agree with you totally that false advertising really gets quite bugging,and frankly even the prices they have quoted is pretty high….Do try out our natural home made remedies instead at home-at a fraction of the cost 😉 Do check out our page at your leisure 🙂

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      Yay. Nice to know that someone else also feels my pain about false advertising. I checked out your Facebook page. I will most definitely be trying out some of your homemade things. You also have a lot of tasty looking and healthy recipes on there! I may even give those a try! Thank you for taking time to read my blog 🙂

  2. katherine says :

    Totally agree with you. I’ve just been to a L’Occitane event which I paid £10 for, and also received a bag with contents similar to yours which they claimed was worth over £50. It really bugged me that they claimed they were worth more just to lure you in, esp after paying £10 on top for the train fare to get there!

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