lil kunj and Chanel’s 2012 Metiers d’Art Collection: Mr Lagerfeld, you beauty!

Wow. I have to say I’m really impressed with Mr Karl Lagerfeld. I was just having a snoop online at various pictures of The Metiers d’Arts show, held at the Grand Palais in Paris, from earlier today where Chanel’s Indian Inspired pre fall 2012 collection was unveiled to the rest of the world.

Mister Lagerfeld definitely pulled out all the stops for Chanel’s latest extravaganza! And wow, just WOW.  Indian themed dinner party, gold plated cutlery, waiters, chandeliers, banquet tables doubling up as a runway and of course a feast! I hope some traditional Indian food was served otherwise I’ll be super disappointed.  However on the whole he’s definitely been taking notes on Indian hospitality and has put the miserly canapés and champagne brigade to shame. I hope the waiters kept topping up guest’s plates with food even if they didn’t want anymore, now that would definitely be paying homage to Indian mummy hospitality! Nonetheless I think he’s done all the Indian mummy’s out there proud! They’re probably all wishing that he were their son or daughter (I’m such a let down cooking wise, especially as my mum is an exceptional cook).

Anyway the collection itself has all the Chanel trademarks, such as tweed of course and the odd bit pearl scattered here and there. However it also features heavily embroidered and embellished fabrics, as well as gold coloured fabrics (I love gold!). Indian

I don't own this image. It's from the DailyMail website. I'm using it temporarily until pictures that I can use become available!

inspired jewelry, lots of tikka’s (an ornament worn in the hair where your parting is and that extends down the length of the parting with the main showpiece coming to rest on your forehead) on the women, the odd nosepiece here and there (don’t know the name for it in Hindi), nice necklaces, which I felt were more western in style, and a turban or two for the men! Also lots of footwear/sandals that I want, that I’m going to be dreaming of until ASOS or Accessorize churn out some cheap, affordable knock offs.  Overall there seem to a quite few elegant little numbers.

Only disappointment for me from the pictures that I’ve seen is that I wish that they featured a bit more gold jewelry, as that’s what I think of when I think of Indian jewelry. Lot’s of intricately designed, heavy gold jewelry.

One word of advice to Mr Karl, next time you decide to do an Indian themed show, hire my mum, she makes really exceptional Indian food, trust me, she will wipe the floor with the chefs you used this time round!

On the whole cracking stuff Mr Lagerfeld! You’ve put me and my Indian banqueting skills to shame and you’re so cool as well. I may now dislike you a tad bit for it! But if by any remote chance you read this, if you send me some cool footwear and tikkas from the collection, all will be forgiven and you will retain your place as my favourite designer like EVER! Please, Thank you, Mwah!

Check out pics on the Daily Mail website:


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7 responses to “lil kunj and Chanel’s 2012 Metiers d’Art Collection: Mr Lagerfeld, you beauty!”

  1. Minahil says :

    Great blog, very informative!

  2. karinofnorway says :

    Thank you for liking my post 🙂 I love that Im so international suddenly! I really liked your blogg as well, and will continue to read it! Hope you will visit me again, lots of love from Karin!

  3. Forevermore says :

    This is a really great blog! It has potential! Thanks so much for finding my blog, I hope you continue to read it!
    If you don’t mind me asking, would you follow my blog?

    *How old do you think I am?

  4. intomind says :

    i love this collection, it’s interesting though that its more inspired by indian men’s wear

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