lil kunj takes on the big guns: Groupon is getting really lame these days

I don’t know how many of you are Groupon fans or have used Groupon before?  You may have seen that recently Groupon has been getting itself into a bit hot water because of their advertising tactics. In the papers last week it’s had its fair share of bad publicity regarding some of the deals it’s offered – such as selling lots of vouchers for a Santa’s grotto deal in York. This particular deal resulted in almost 2000 families descending upon this Santa’s grotto one Saturday afternoon in the lovely city of York. The particular grotto in question could only handle 40 children an hour, so naturally you got some parents having a hissy fit and shouting tirades of abuse at the poor little elves. It all got too much for one little elf who actually quit. Poor elf girl. I hope she’s ok wherever she is and not too traumatised. We also found out that the UK Advertising Standards Authority is currently investigating Groupon.

I discovered Groupon around this time last year and I have to say at the start I was very fond of it. As a very skint student it allowed me to do a lot of things that I wouldn’t normally do quite cheaply. However recently I’ve been a bit frustrated with some of the deals that I’ve purchased through them. These days they seem to be a bit careless with their small print and seem to be omitting very important details. In the past when I had any quibbles or problems, their customer service always sorted any issues out very promptly. However that may have been just because I was a regular customer.

Unfortunately this was not the same experience for my parents. Bless them, they bought a deal of the website for a voucher that allowed them to spend a certain amount of money on an online shop.  However when they tried to redeem it against the items that they wanted from the online store in question, it wouldn’t accept the voucher.  They tried to contact the retailer, who didn’t bother replying; they then tried to contact Groupon to get a refund.  Their customer service advisor, Zoe (yes, I will name and shame!), said they should have read the “terms and conditions for any exclusions” and that they wouldn’t be issued a refund. This left them a bit disgruntled, as the voucher explicitly stated it could be redeemed against “anything” and there were no exclusions listed in the small print, nor were the exclusions in the terms and conditions applicable to the deal in question as mentioned by Groupon’s idiotic customer service adviser. So at this point I came to the rescue and drafted a long letter to Groupon outlining how their advertising for that particular deal was misleading; how they had nothing in the terms and conditions or small print that could apply to the deal in question; how their customer services advisor is clearly an idiot and how I want the money refunded. I actually got a fairly prompt reply from them offering to credit the account with Groupon credits of the same value of the voucher initially purchased. We were initially happy with this outcome as we thought we’ll be using Groupon anyway in the future. Well guess what? The slimey b*****d who replied back never credited the account. My parents never checked the account after because they trusted him, as in the email he sent he said it would be in there by the end of the day and would be valid for 6 months (it hasn’t even been 3 months yet!).

So now I’ve had to get in to Anne Robinson/Martin Lewis mode to draft and send out another letter (much more rude and scathing this time) demanding a proper refund! No more silly billy Groupon credits.

So have any of you had any problems with Groupon?


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