lil kunj explores Bath’s Christmas market

I’ve finally got myself in the Christmas spirit yesterday, although I still think it’s a bit early for it! You see I’m a last-minute kinda girl! I took a little road trip to see my friend in the lovely city of Bath to check out their Christmas Market.

I just had to go on the carousel!

I wasn’t too sure what to expect at first, everywhere in the UK seems to be holding these knock-off German/ some sort of European Christmas Markets these days, and I suspected that Bath would be trying to replicate and be something that it clearly isn’t. However I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s a quaint little affair, in stunning surroundings in the shadow of Bath Abbey, with the Roman Baths not to far away.

The area was filled with many wooden chalets, selling almost everything you need, from handcrafted decorations to beautiful jewellery, sensational alcoholic Christmas puddings and even curry kits!

Handmade bath treats, they smelt so good and looked so tasty I wanted to eat them!

The one thing that I liked the most and a major point winner was that the majority of the stalls sold items that had been made locally in Bath and the surrounding South West region.

The best time to visit is late afternoon so you have time to get a decent amount of shopping and milling about done, but as dusk sets in and it gets darker you can experience the magical, festive atmosphere and see all the Christmas lights twinkling away. Once you’ve exhausted yourself, you can sit down and have a bit of a breather, sip some mulled wine and watch everyone else walking and peering and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

I hope that in future Bath tries to build on what they have done this year and not try to replicate a German market. Bath is a beautiful city and an architectural gem, it has it’s own unique atmosphere and character. It doesn’t need to mimic other places when it has such a rich heritage and British traditions that it can build on. Also I think it should be around a bit longer, the 10th of December was the last day this year.  I look forward to milling around in Bath next Christmas! Dar Bath, please stay classy next year!

Bath Abbey and Christmas Markets at Night


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7 responses to “lil kunj explores Bath’s Christmas market”

  1. ezzsays says :

    I live right near Bath and I agree it’s a really pretty city. Love the pictures!

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      Thank you so much! I’m not very good at taking pictures and I always feel awkward as my friends are much less snap happy compared to me. It is a really pretty city! I only live a bus ride away in Bristol and I feel quite ashamed that I don’t visit Bath more often!

  2. SketchingMyDream says :

    I’ve been to Bath twice during the summer .. its a small place but tbh it’s one of my favorite cities in the UK .. I wanna visit during Christmas 😦 ! too bad i’m too far away ;p ..

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      Bath is really lovely, whether it’s summer or winter. I felt quite bad as I live in Bristol and there’s a bus from the top of my road that gets me there in 40 minutes, and I hardly go! So I thought may as well make the most of being so close, it’s a shame not to. Anyway hopefully you’ll be able to visit next Christmas! Hopefully they’ll have an extra few attractions here and there, so it’ll be better than this year! Thank you for reading 🙂

  3. ourdreamlives says :

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Sounds like Bath’s Christmas market is a good one! My mum dragged me to a Christmas market in Winchester recently and I was also so pleasently surprised! There was so much lovely stuff on offer 🙂

  4. Karen says :

    The Christmas markets in Germany are wonderful but I agree…a market should be about the area where you are.

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      I agree with you! I would love to go to one of the European Christmas markets in the future. I can imagine the atmosphere to be really lovely. I don’t mind the odd few European/German inspired market here and there, it’s a nice and welcome change. It just gets annoying when everywhere tries to imitate the same thing and it’s not as good. Also some places I think have a lot going for them, so they have their own unique selling point which I think they should make the most of! Thank you for reading!!

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