lil kunj gets inspired to volunteer

Christmas is quickly creeping up upon us. Most of us are probably thinking about how to fit some last minute present shopping in or panicking over what to buy the special people in our lives. I’ve been asked a few times by people what I want for Christmas, and as much as I love presents and all things materialistic my response so far has been “nothing”. Over the past few days I’ve been pondering and thinking about all the people who are in worst of situations than myself.

Whilst I’ll be no doubt getting various family members gifts (the little nieces and nephews to be precise) because they expect them and at the moment they are little! I made the decision that the gift I really want to give this year, a gift that I’ll feel happy giving, is my time. I thought giving my time to a charity would probably be much more worthwhile and that it’ll probably help make someone who really needs cheering up smile, even if it is for a brief moment. I haven’t decided which charity yet, but I’ve decided that I’m most likely to volunteer at one of the local homeless charities.

You see all this pondering got me thinking. I have a bit of spare time on my hands at the moment, so why not spend a couple of hours a week volunteering?! I also got inspired after reading Jay Caniel’s blog, about how he regularly volunteers, it made me realise that a lot of charities and organisations are heavily reliant on volunteers.  There are a lot of charities out there where you don’t have to volunteer weekly, if you can’t fit it in. They are more than happy for people to volunteer monthly or even just a couple of times a year, but they would appreciate our time and help. Surely sparing those couple of hours is more worthwhile than watching that episode of Home and Away or Eastenders, which I’m sure we could fit in at some other point. Think about it and if you have some time to spare, go and help. It’ll brighten up someone’s day!


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4 responses to “lil kunj gets inspired to volunteer”

  1. adam bujons says :

    If you’re at a loose end on Christmas day you might be welcome to help out at Blackfriars Settlement in Southwark. My aunty always cooks a MASSIVE meal for about 30 oldies. She gets family and regular supporters to help out and it’s usually 3-4 hours of pleasantly entertaining discussion and good food – all you have to do is be nice to some lonely old people and they’re a lot of fun when you start listening to their stories.
    I did it once a couple of years ago, when I get more time over holidays I’ll definitely do it again. Not sure what she’d say about some random turning up, but ‘it’s for charity’ right?
    Here’s her contact, just say Adam sent you.

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      Hey Adam! Sorry it’s taken a while to reply. Thank you for the message. Unfortunately as I no longer dwell in London, I had to pick something more local in Bristol instead. If I am in London at the end of this year I may well definitely be contacting you to ask your auntie if it’s ok. I don’t want to scare her or anything by randomly turning up! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

  2. Bob says :

    Hi from Sunny Perth. Just returning the bloglove – i’m glad you liked ‘Very Bad Pandas’ ( even if you may have been disappointed to find it was not a blog about delinquent bamboo-munchers! 😉 ).

    10/10 for the altruism idea for Chrissie. Volunteering is something i did not really think much about until i reached a much more ‘mature’ stage of life (maybe because i realised i might be in need of someone’s help soon myself?) but i wish i had done it earlier. There are VERY few things in this world that can bring anywhere near the same sense of self-worth and personal reward as freely giving your help and time to those who truly need it.

    It is very refreshing to be reminded that there are at least two people (including Adam ^ ) in this world who are not completely consumed by selfish ‘me-ness’.

    Hope you have a ball y’all.

    Merry Christmas and drop by anytime.

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      Thank you for the blog love!! I have to say Very Bad Pandas made me want to go to a zoo as I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real life panda before!! Although I would much prefer to see them in their natural habitat, however currently long haul destinations are out of my reach 😦 I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

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