lil kunj and the Versace for H&M SS’12 Cruise Collection: Opinion

Yay! Pictures of Versace for H&M’s Cruise collection have surfaced on Vogue online. As a Versace fan I’ve been waiting to catch a glimpse of what they have on offer ever since I heard that they were launching a second collection in January 2012. I like what I’ve seen so far. It’s very summery, obviously, lots of light colours. On the whole it’s very feminine looking but it’s not as out there as the last collection. I think the subtlety of this second collection is good for those who are less bold in their fashion choices, and may have been deterred/put off from purchasing anything from the initial November collection.  For the more daring fashionistas amongst us who don’t hold back when it comes to donning a few whacky prints, there are still a few bold items in this collection, so fear not, you can still get those statement show stopping pieces, however the colours are more subtle and the print is a bit more cutesy.  Again, with this collection I am in love with most of the accessories. I just hope I can get my hands on them, as I missed out on the accessories last time round.

Also I’m much more approving of the men’s collection too! There are some lovely items that I’d quite happily see the lovely men in my life sporting, whereas with the last lot I would have fallen on the floor in a fit of laughter if someone I knew tried to rock the pink suit. I just wish they made baby sizes of the men’s collection. My little 4 year old and 9 month old nephews would look so cute and would be looking like quite the little heartbreakers. Head over here to Vogue online to see more of the collection. It will hit selected H&M online stores on 19th January.

Here are some of my favourites (the photos don’t belong to me).

Pretty pink silk dress

Lovely light purple/lavender coloured dress

Bit more bold fruity looking dress

Cool strappy top

You'll have a rather delicious looking derriere in these shorts


Cute girly bracelet

Very Versace earrings

Gold heels!! I love gold! They should have had these in the last collection!!

Very cute and classy pair of flats



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7 responses to “lil kunj and the Versace for H&M SS’12 Cruise Collection: Opinion”

  1. blondeonblonde87 says :

    The pink dress is my favourite. I agree that this collection is much more wearable than the first. Can’t wait for the launch in January!

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      I agree I love the pink dress, but the lavender one is also tempting as I can imagine it being lovely and figure hugging! Like you I also can’t wait for the launch. Think I may purchase some elbow pads and safety gear just in case!

  2. shortside40 says :

    That lavendar color is so summery; I love it! A good reminder that it won’t always be winter forever haha.

  3. Rachel says :

    I’d heard this collection was kind of a disappointment, but having actually seen some photos, I really disagree with that – the pink dress and the gold heels are gorgeous!

  4. Kristina Carran says :

    love the belt and the jewelry. Nice blog!

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