lil kunj enters the debate about the dancing man pushed of tube

Evening my dears! I feel as though I’ve been neglecting this blog for the past week or so. The excitement about Christmas is getting to me, especially the prospect of seeing my friends, who live away from Bristol, for some festive merriment. Anyway this blog post is going to take a more serious tone. Last week another video surfaced on YouTube documenting yet another incident on the London Underground.  This time it shows a guy dancing on a central line Epping bound tube, when the tube reaches Leytonstone station another chap comes up behind Mr Happy Feet  (that’s my cutesy nickname for the dancing gentleman) and pushes him off the tube as the doors open and then cheers and gives him two fingers.

Here’s the video so that you guy can have a watch.

I showed this video to my family on Sunday evening and opinion was divided on this matter.

There also seems to be a clear split in opinions off members off the public too, with some people finding the incident hilarious and hailing the passenger who pushed Mr. Happy Feet as a “hero” while others have labelled the incident as assault.

My initial reaction when watching it was “what if the guy was having a complex partial seizure”. Yes the MSc Epilepsy knowledge came out for a fleeting moment, only to disappear upon realising that his movements weren’t very repetitive and probably not automatisms. Some off you may not know that seizures can manifest in many ways depending on the type of epilepsy and its origin in the brain. Therefore to the general public the actions of the individual in an ictal state (having a seizure) may seem unusual, bizarre and in some cases even anti social. Some examples off how seizures manifest include lip smacking, fumbling, making noises, incontinence, trying to undress, touching off ones genitalia and even other sexually related behaviour, however note that some off these manifestations are rarer than others.  Ok enough with the science and medicine tangent.

Anyway, whether Mr. Happy Feet was dancing as a result of some medical condition (whether it be epilepsy, schizophrenia, ADHD to name a few possible contenders), as result of being high or drunk, or whether it was just because he wanted to share some of his groovy moves with his fellow passengers, ultimately he wasn’t harming or harassing anyone and I don’t feel that there was any justifiable reason for pushing him off.  If people found his moves that offensive, they could have just looked away.  Maybe the guy who pushed him was jealous that Mr. Happy Feet had more flow than himself.

So what’s your opinion on Mr. Happy Feet, did he deserve to be pushed off the tube or not? Please comment away!


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2 responses to “lil kunj enters the debate about the dancing man pushed of tube”

  1. akcielo says :

    I think the man that pushed “Happy feet” off was out of line and how terrible that he had a crowd to cheer his actions. He could of caused a serious fall for the guy that was pushed. I do not see this as funny. If people did not likehis moves, they did not have to look. If he was taking their space they should have spoken to him.

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