lil kunj shares some of her new year resolutions and goals!

Happy New Year to you all!!! I hope 2012 brings you all a lot of happiness and that it is everything that you wish for and more!

I know it’s the time of year that everyone makes resolutions that they will most likely break. So instead of making a resolution, I’ve got a few goals that I would like to be working towards. So over the course of the year you will read some boring blog posts detailing how things are going.  Some of the goals are blog related, some will remain a mystery while others are just damn right boring! The main thing is that with all of these, it’ll be great to achieve them, but as long as I’m working towards them and that I see progress happening, I’ll be a happy bunny.

So here are some of my goals:

  1. Aim to write 3 interesting posts per week for lilkunjbigworld. Exceptions being when I’m away on holiday or if it’s a super exciting week, like my birthday or bank holiday, or when it’s something boring like exam time. Feel free to nag me if I’m not doing this!
  2. Aim to have 250 followers and when I do, have a cute little giveaway for my lovely readers out there.
  3. Pay of part my stupid Natwest overdraft. I hate Natwest, I hate my student account, I hate the fact that I keep yo yoing in and out of my overdraft. One minute it’s paid off and my accounts in lots of credit, next minute I’ve dipped into it.  Although if I do dip into it, it’s for good reason. But this year I hope it’s going to be paid of and I will close the stupid account.
  4. Try and cook something new every other week.
  5. Learn to be more frugal.
  6. Not be snappy, mean or upset people unnecessarily, especially those around me, such as my family and friends, who bear the brunt when I’m feeling a bit moody and grouchy.
  7. This will remain a mystery until I actually achieve it, but that may not be till next year.

So what are your goals/resolutions?


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9 responses to “lil kunj shares some of her new year resolutions and goals!”

  1. mykingdomforadress says :

    Mine are: less shopping, more blogging. hehe!

  2. walter bright says :

    wish you the best… may all your dreams come true… thanks for the visit!

  3. writingfeemail says :

    Good luck with your goals. They sound totally doable.

  4. akamissi says :

    I gotta try using some of your goals, I like the blogging and cooking idea. And you already notice from my “Extreme Couponing, not Me TLC” blog, I am working on the frugal part. Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you find more interesting stuff to come.

  5. Nibby says :

    Yay for resolutions! Keep them up! You can do it!

  6. preparetocrossover says :

    Hey, I like goal #3.
    Thanks for coming to my blog. It’s always good to see you.
    Prepare to Crossover

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