lil kunj’s L’Occitane freebie alert!

Shea butter hand cream apparently a handbag "must have"

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve had a good day and all. I know this is a bit of a lazy post but I came across this fab little freebie earlier and thought I would share.

To all my lovelies who live in the UK, L’Occitane have a great little offer on at the moment. If you head over and like their Facebook page and fill in your details, they’ll email over a voucher in the next couple of days, to collect in store a 10ml sample of their super moisturizing Shea butter hand cream. However in a bid to get more fans their promotion states that once they get 30,000 likes they’ll upgrade the freebie to the 30ml size, which retails at £7.50 in stores (I’ve seen this so I can definitely vouch for it retailing at £7.50!). Make sure you guys read the T&C’s as there are a few stores not participating.

I love a freebie and this seems a pretty decent one, esp as I end up walking past their store a couple of times a week so it’s not as if I need to go out of my way to get my hands on this.

I hope that some of you find this useful!! 🙂

Click here to head over to their Facebook page.


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2 responses to “lil kunj’s L’Occitane freebie alert!”

  1. bonkasaurus says :

    I got really excited when i saw this! too bad I’m in the US

    -Bianca at

  2. Kay aka Babygirl says :

    I just love a good shea butter cream.. especially since the winter here is getting brutal and my skin needs to be moisturized a lot more. I wish i could get the freebie

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