lil kunj is back and has found the cutest Facebook share!

Good day my lovelies!

Sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog for the past few weeks. As I mentioned in my previous post that I’ve been fairly ill. But I’m feeling much more spritely now, so I’ll get back do doing fairly regular posts. Unfortunately this isn’t going to be the most exciting post. I was writing a covering letter for a role at this local financial services company and as it was the first time I was writing a covering letter to a financial institution and I have to say I didn’t have a clue what to write. My old flatmate who’s a solicitor was kind enough to help me with it, although his original suggestion was to write:

“Dear Dudes,

I’m the person you’re looking for!

I can start Monday, so get the kettle on – white with no sugar, baby.

See ya

The Kunjster”

* Sigh * If only something that silly would work.

Await for interesting posts later this week!

Oh and I thought I’d share this pic which seems to be doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment, it’s so cute  and definitely put a smile on my face on this grey day and I hope it does the same for you!

So cute!!!


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3 responses to “lil kunj is back and has found the cutest Facebook share!”

  1. sabrinacarvalho says :

    Wow this is really sweet! it made me smile

  2. basedinbristol says :

    Cover letters are really difficult sometimes. & that picture is adorable!

  3. skingoodness says :

    Love the cover letter your flatmate wrote for you – hilarious! I might actually use that one day… I’ll let you know if it works 🙂

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