lil kunj celebrates Chinese New Year at M Shed in Bristol

The weather was rather lovely in Bristol on Saturday so I decided to make the most of it and venture outside.

I took my little nieces and nephew down to M Shed as they were holding a number of activities for children to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Unfortunately the celebrations here in Bristol aren’t on a grand scale like London (well, London is London).  However they definitely put on a good show. Children had the opportunity to try on traditional Chinese costumes, there were also stalls offering face painting and temporary tattoos. My personal highlight was the lion dance by the University of Bristol dance troupe. I definitely loved the lion dance, especially when one of the dancing lions threw sweets at me! (The significance of throwing sweets into the audience/having sweets land on you is that it is representative of having a sweet New Year, how lovely is that! It’s also rather tasty too!)

Overall it was definitely a good show, however I felt that it was primarily focused on the little people. I hope that they can build on this in the future and maybe incorporate some events that are more adult orientated. I don’t want to have to trek to a bigger city like London to get my dose of experiencing a different colourful culture and celebrations.  I’m sure other people would definitely appreciate it too. Especially as there’s not much going during the post Christmas lull that is the month of January, so many of us could do with something cheery like what M Shed did, but on a slightly grander scale.  Us big kids want to celebrate and get all excited about Chinese New Year too! Oh and to those of you celebrate Chinese New Year, wishing you all a lovely, happy and prosperous New Year!

Lion dance time!!

Very cute white lion!

Red and gold lion!


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2 responses to “lil kunj celebrates Chinese New Year at M Shed in Bristol”

  1. Nancy Arter says :

    Great post and sounds like a fun event. Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. isaac976 says :

    Did the Lion dance do some acrobats or tearing up mandarin oranges? pretty neat to see that in that part of the world.

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