lil kunj discovers Harveys Cellars and Mark Youd’s solo exhibition

At the moment it feels like this is becoming a what’s going on in Bristol blog, as opposed to a blog focusing on clothes etc. Nevermind. On Saturday after going to the Chinese New Year activities at the M Shed in Bristol I met up with an old uni friend of mine who happened to be visiting. After our lunch date, we went for a gander around the city centre. I have to admit I didn’t have a clue where to take him, and it was a bit embarrassing as it felt that he knew his way round my home city better than me 😦 Oh well. Anyway seeing as Matt bullied me into choosing a place to go for a drink, I decided to take us for a wander down Denmark Street, as I have never really explored it. To my surprise we stumbled upon some interesting bars and pubs. However I chose Harveys Cellars, which has recently reopened as a contemporary sherry, wine and cocktail lounge. Maybe I’m too easily seduced by nice places, but I was seriously impressed with what I saw. After living in London for 2 years I haven’t taken to what Bristol has on offer (I have tried very hard though), but I’m really liking what I saw with this place.

I’ll be heading back there in the next week or so, so await more photos later on.

Anyway the point of this post was that they have a small exhibition space View @ Harveys Cellars that opened in the last week of November. The space is used for solo exhibitions and exhibits work by both new, emerging local talent as well as already established artists. The current exhibition they have on is by Mark Youd. I’m not really into art, but I was super impressed. As stated by the leaflet “Each image depicts a brief encounter, captured in the snap shot of a woman”. I’m tired and can’t be bothered to write more.  I took a few cheeky pictures for you guys to check out. That’s how impressed I was! Next time I promise I’ll give more information about the artist etc.


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5 responses to “lil kunj discovers Harveys Cellars and Mark Youd’s solo exhibition”

  1. Erin says :

    Wow, I’m going to look into this artist! What gorgeous pieces.

  2. Sofia says :

    Hi! Thanks for your visit on my blog! Those paintings are reeeeeally cool! I would buy that to my home :).

  3. a BUMP to the HEAD says :

    I have to reblog this, I just LOVE the artwork….great find, keep exploring those bristol back streets! 🙂

  4. a BUMP to the HEAD says :

    Reblogged this on abumptothehead and commented:
    2 reasons for reblogging this post.
    1/. I just LOVE this artwork & wanted to share it. Hoping the artist Mark Youd may make an appearance ‘downunder’
    2/. Wide awake, should be asleep. The partner is snoring 😦 & I have the tummy rumbles about my impending holiday!

  5. Konstantina says :

    The artwork is great, thanks for sharing.

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