lil kunj and Paresh Nrshinga exhibition @ Harveys Cellars

I’m a bit late with this post. In fact I’m just generally a bit late with any post in general. Has anyone else been unlucky enough to get a second bout of flu/cold? Or is it just me who has a feeble immune system that needs to man up a bit?

Anyway. Last week I was lucky enough to wangle an invite to Harveys Cellars’s most recent art exhibition launch (I did tell you guys that I would be going back there!).

The current solo exhibition is by abstract painter Paresh Nrshinga and runs until 27 March this year.

It was a pretty neat event. Cava on arrival (unfortunately as I’m not drinking at the moment I couldn’t take advantage of this); warm, welcoming staff that I found were very friendly, personable and entertaining; and finally a really lovely venue.

So here’s a bit of information about the artist and his work (most of it is from the leaflet, as I’m too sniffly to channel my inner Michael Fried):

As you guys can see from the pictures, the artist uses an amazing array of bold, vibrant colours in his work hence you are able to detect “his extensive travelling throughout Africa, India and Europe”.

Thus his work is a reflection of his “love of nature and culture”.

The artist’s three main sources of inspiration are music, spiritually and nature.

“Nrshringa intends for each painting to bring something positive to the lives of those who view it”.

Have a look at his work below.


Next time I’ll try and get a mini interview with the artist. I would have done one this time round but I was feeling all shy and coy and didn’t really know what to ask, so next time I’ll bite the bullet and ask all my novice questions. Hopefully they’ll find me rather endearing!


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3 responses to “lil kunj and Paresh Nrshinga exhibition @ Harveys Cellars”

  1. findingmyworth says :

    Love! Amazing work.

  2. 1stjoeyanna says :

    Beautiful artwork! Thank you so much for taking pictures and posting them, so we all get the chance to admire the work, we might not otherwise get to see! Hope you’re feeling much better!

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