lil kunj’s lil birthday wish list

How was Valentines Day for all of you guys? Mine was pretty lame. Luckily I can put Valentines Day to one side and ignore it ever happened. February is an exciting month for me as it’s my birthday month. I’m even more excited than usual about the rest of this month as I’m due to go on HOLIDAY this week!! I have to say I’m not looking forward to getting that year older. I’ve banned my friends from actually saying how old I’m going to be. Instead I’ve told my family and friends that when we do celebrate, we’ll be celebrating the “Silver anniversary of my birth”. Sounds much more pleasant as opposed to 25th Birthday and quarter of a century nonsense!

Anyway I’m hoping that my family will come across my blog and see this post (do you guys know that I haven’t actually told my friends and family about lil kunj Big World! I’m a bit paranoid that they won’t like it or think the whole thing is silly).  Below is my Birthday wish list.  I’m hoping that some of these will appear in my room all wrapped up when I get back home at the end of the month, but they won’t as I haven’t told them what I want these items. Yeah slight problem I have there. Anyway so here goes, my birthday wish list:

1. Fluoro yellow Cambridge satchel company satchel

Cambridge Satchel Company Fluoro Satchel

I have been drooling over these beauties for a while now. I really really really really want the neon/fluoro yellow one. It will just brighten up any outfit. It’s such a classic design, but the colour adds a quirky and bold twist to it.  Unfortunately I can’t really justify spending £100 or so on it.

2. Tweety silk scarf from Pierotucci

Cute Tweety Silk scarf from Pierotucci

How cute is this scarf?? They have three different types, but this one is my favourite. Again, I love scarves, they’re such a classic wardrobe stable, but what I love about this is the cute little Tweety Pie pattern. In Elle Woods style “I feel it gives it that something extra, don’t you think?” I love the subtlety of the Tweety Pie, so it’s not too in your face; it gives a classic scarf a quirky twist. You can find the other designs and buy it at

3. Office Shanghai Sandals

Office Shanghai Sandal Boot

These little sandals would be so cute for summer. I know they are in the sale atm, but I just can’t buy any more shoes. My dad has been having a massive go at me about how many shoes I own. I am just in love with these though.

4. DKNY Sneakers

DKNY Sneakers

I love these. These are a more affordable version of the Isabel Marant ones that loads of celebrities seem to be sporting. I want Isabel Marant ones, but I would love these ones too!

5. Jane Norman Aztec Print skirt

Jane Norman Aztec Print Mini Skirt

I love this skirt. It’s bang on trend for this season. I love fitted clothes and bright colours (not that I’m some tart or anything!). This skirt is definitely a winner.

6. A holiday??!

Carnival photo courtesy of

To Brazil for carnival?  I can dream! It would be seriously cool though. One day I will go and celebrate my birthday carnival styley in the land of Brazil! Just need to find an accomplice to join me first!

I think I’ve got a relatively small wish list and it’s not horrendously extravagant. Hopefully some of these some how will appear when I get back home from Portugal. Await some interesting Portugal posts in the next few weeks!


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7 responses to “lil kunj’s lil birthday wish list”

  1. Pierotucci says :

    PS you should have added a link so if they do find the page they can go direct and buy it 😉

    But if no one thinks of giving you the scarf, just let us know and we will make sure you get a good discount!

  2. Harriet says :

    Your wish list could be my wishlist!! I turn 24 a week today!! Happy birthday to you and me 🙂

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      My Birthday is on the Wednesday!! Very Happy Birthday to you for next week! What are you hoping the birthday fairy (is there even such a thing!?) will get you? X

  3. Micia says :

    The holiday in brazil sounds GREAT 🙂 Am craving a holiday like BIG TIME !!
    Hope you get atleast one item from your wishlist. 🙂

    Happy belated one.

  4. 1stjoeyanna says :

    Wishing you luck!!!

  5. a BUMP to the HEAD says :

    Hi there lil Kunj!

    So, I have decided to nominate you for the versatile blogger award – congratulations 🙂

    Here is the link

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