lil kunj makes a trip to Loulé Carnival

Lil Kunj is back from holiday and you guys may be a little bit bombarded with posts in the next few days. Anyway I am very sorry for neglecting all you lovelies but I was away and it was my birthday so I think I can be forgiven.

Fortunately while I was in Portugal they had a few carnivals going on nearby, so while I wasn’t able to jet off to Brazil for the Rio carnival, the Portuguese carnival made up for it. I managed to sneak in a visit to Loulé Carnival. Loulé carnival is the oldest carnival in Portugal and was celebrating it’s 106th year and at only 2€ entry, a complete bargain!  I definitely recommended going of you are in the Algarve region when it’s on. It makes a great day out and is family friendly as well for those of you who have little ones. They had 15 floats in total portraying social, political and sporting satire presenting current national and international affairs in a humorous fashion. My favourite was the political float with the Merkel and Sarkozy characters. Check out the pics of the parade.


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2 responses to “lil kunj makes a trip to Loulé Carnival”

  1. My Baking Empire says :

    Looks like a great time, happy belated birthday 🙂

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