lil kunj’s mini guide to the city of Seville

Good day my lovelies. I thought I’d share with you some of the photos that I took while I was in Seville last month. It’s a really beautiful and picturesque city and I would definitely recommend going if you ever get the chance. It was a shame that I only had a day to spend there.

I took a lot of photos of Plaza de España, but it’s a stunning building and I just couldn’t help myself. I would say definitely pay a visit to the cathedral and make sure you climb to the top to see the breathtaking views of Seville (I seem to have a habit of climbing to the top of cathedrals, I did this in Milan and in Berlin, cursing myself on the way up as my legs hurt, but the views from the top on a sunny day are definitely worth a bit of discomfort!). Also if it’s sunny, spend an afternoon relaxing in the gardens of the Alcázar, it’s very beautiful and just a nice way to unwind in the afternoon with a friend/relative/book/your thoughts.

Another benefit of spending more than a day in the city is that you’ll get a chance to sample the gastronomic delights that the various restaurants in Seville have to offer as well as being able to experience the nightlife and some traditional Spanish culture. Maybe you guys and girls (yes, guys as well!!) could let loose and embrace that sexy Spanish senorita that’s hiding inside you and give some flamenco dancing a go.

Oh and one final thing, take time to see the various pavilions from the Ibero-American exhibition of 1929, my personal favourite, that you should save till last is Guatemala, and when you’ll see it, you’ll understand why 😉

Anyway I hope you enjoy flicking through the photos!!


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7 responses to “lil kunj’s mini guide to the city of Seville”

  1. a BUMP to the HEAD says :

    Fabulous pictures. I ADORE Seville. Sounds & looks like you had a wonderful day there 🙂

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      Thank you very much!! It was an unplanned trip, when I got to the hotel I was staying at, they said they do day trips to Seville, so I thought why not!! It was a wonderful day! I was rather grumpy at having to wake up at 6am on my Birthday though, so until I got to the city and saw how pretty it was and that the sun was shining I was one unhappy bunny!! Hope that you drop by again soon!! Xx

  2. Micia says :

    These images are jaw-dropping…Great post.

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      Thank you for the compliment!! It really means a lot, especially as I only had a little digital camera and am definitely not a photographer in any way! Glad you enjoyed the post and I look forward to seeing you dropping by on here again soon my dear!!

  3. Konstantina says :

    The buildings are amazing, pieces of art. Great post.

  4. they call me crafty says :

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the blue and yellow together on those tiles. Not to mention all the other architectural detail in the buildings. Looks like a beautiful place!

  5. jooy says :

    These photos are so lovely! Wish I’d had time to go to Seville. The intricate details and vivid colors… sigh.

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