lil kunj discovers Bijou Brigette

Wow, I’ve really been neglecting this blog and I really haven’t meant to. In my defence I’ve had exams, which I think is a fairly decent excuse.

Anyway this one is for all you jewellery lovers out there.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have slight magpie tendencies and am attracted to anything shiny!

While I was away in Lisbon and having a gander down some of the streets, a jewellery shop called Bijou Brigette caught my attention. For those of you based in the UK, it’s basically a sparklier version of Accessorize. I love Accessorize so this place was right up my street.

As soon as I got back home I couldn’t help but google the chain. I realised that the shop actually has many branches right across Europe and even a few in the UK. The problem is that they only have around 7 branches in the UK and those are in the most random locations: no central London nor, in fact, any other central locations in well-known cities (like Brum or Manchester). Nope, they in fact have stores in Doncaster, Croydon, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Huddersfield, Uxbridge and Basingstoke. Random choice of places or what?!

Anyway have a look at the cool selection of animal rings that I found while I was there. I literally have a zoo on my fingers. As you many know from one of my previous posts, I’m a sucker for decent animal jewellery. I ended up purchasing the turtle ring (as I think it makes a pretty unique statement piece, plus it’s legs and head move!! ).

I also purchased the crocodile ring too, as I thought that was quite unique and quirky (I haven’t seen much crocodile jewellery around) but it’s a smaller size and practical for general day wear.


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4 responses to “lil kunj discovers Bijou Brigette”

  1. irenelefort says :

    Bijou Brigitte is big in Germany too. I love going there to get affordable accessories. 🙂 How was Lisbon? Haven’t been there before. I’d love to though.

  2. xprincessgemx says :

    OMG love the turtle ring!! x

  3. Malika Gandhi says :

    You definitly have an eye for detail! I love your posts – it is invigouring! I love the elephant ring.

  4. They Call Me Crafty says :

    Very cute, I have an enamel turtle pendant where the head, feet, and tail move. I love it! Great buys 🙂

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