lil kunj welcomes British summer time!

Happy days. Officially British summer time is here. For those of you not in the UK, basically twice a year we have a clock switchathon. Last week the clocks went forward an hour to British summer time (not so good when you’re staying in a hotel and you’re kicked out an hour earlier than expected).

Seeing as in the UK (in Bristol and London at least) we have had gloriously awesome weather for the past week and as it’s now officially British Summer time, I thought I’d get into the spirit of things and treat myself to a couple of cheeky dress purchases!

Here’s a pic of one of the dresses I brought. It’s by Rare and retails at £45 (I got it for £22.50 as ASOS had a lovely 24 hour half price sale on last Monday). I think the bright colours definitely capture the essence of summer time! Also as well as being totally funky, the cut out waist makes it just a little bit sexy!  I am in love with this dress.


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2 responses to “lil kunj welcomes British summer time!”

  1. Kristyn Michele Bat says :

    Thank you for the “like!’

    That dress is killer! In most of the US we have stupid Daylight Savings Time, so we too are getting some extra daylight, and here in particular, South Florida, it’s basically summer ALL YEAR. So I mostly get to wear cute dresses all the time, just switch the colors up and ditch the tights and cardis I wear with them in the fall and winter.

  2. cynicaldriver says :

    I like the dress, it looks very good on you.

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