lil kunj and Victoria’s Secret VSX Sexy Sport range

I have to love the Daily Mail for it’s excessive celeb stalking ways. Sometimes I find some of their articles a bit odd/pointless/ill researched/riddled with spelling mistakes, but occasionally for fashion and style inspiration it’s a great site to visit. You can celeb stalk (but pretend you’re reading “news”) and see what trends the super rich/famous/z listers are donning, as well as see some of the sexy new ranges certain stores have on offer.

Currently they seem to have an obsession with the Victoria’s Secret models, which isn’t a bad thing as they are exceptionally hot! Anyway I recently saw an article regarding the Victoria’s Secret new VSX Sexy Sport  range.  Happy days, you can now look hot while working out in the gym (sexy hot, not warm hot, but if you’re really and truly working out you’ll definitely look the latter!). All I can say is “I WANT”, if I looked like that in my sportswear I don’t think I’d bother with dresses and other items of clothing! I find it difficult finding sportswear that I look and feel good in and want to work out in (I know that’s not the point of exercise clothes, but let’s ignore that!). I’m convinced that this range would definitely do the job! Or that’s what I’m supposed to think, so well-done VS marketing guys, brownie points for doing your job. I just wish that there was a store in the UK, as I would like to try before I buy!  I know they have a store opening in London over the summer, which is great. It would be even greater if they could send me an invite for their launch party. I could try and be their Bristol, UK based Angel?!! I don’t know what that would entail, but I can look good in swimsuit! That’s surely a good enough credential to have for Victoria’s Secret, right? Have a look at the pics of their collection!

Hot workout gear!

I like the unusual back, and especially the hot pink straps! Gives it that something extra, don't you think?!

I need!


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