lil kunj attends Paul Bennett’s solo exhibition @ Harveys Cellars

Good afternoon! Belated post I know! Have had a hectic few weeks 😦

It’s another artsy one: I went back to Harveys Cellars for the opening of their most recent solo exhibition.

This time they were exhibiting the work of Paul Bennett, an abstract landscape and seascape painter.

His paintings are supposed to “create a sense of intimacy and isolation whilst simultaneously leaving the subject open to interpretation”.

Bennett doesn’t focus too heavily on representational accuracy, so you’re not going to recognise your favourite beauty spot here.

Bennett’s aim is to capture the immensity and ethereal quality of weather, a subject suited to the abstract realm – even figurative ‘weather paintings’ can have an impressionist feel.

The promotional leaflet says “these dramatic representations of the uncontrollable aspects of weather, entwined with an intense emotion are captivating and beautiful” and I have to agree.

I’d love to drone on about the techniques used, the form, tone and style, but I’m just not that clued up. But whilst I was sitting and chatting away with my friend in the exhibition space, I found that being surrounded by those paintings was a relaxing experience. They really did seem to evoke a sense of calm and serenity in both myself and my friend, so whilst it came across as a very understated collection compared to the past two exhibitions at Harveys cellars, it is probably my favourite yet.

The solo exhibition is on until 5th June, so if any of you are around I suggest popping down for a peak and a few cheeky cocktails!


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One response to “lil kunj attends Paul Bennett’s solo exhibition @ Harveys Cellars”

  1. destinationhandmade says :

    Agree, these are very beautiful and serene. I could easily live with one on my wall; maybe near my favourite reading chair. They seem to invite contemplation and thought.

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