lil kunj discovers cool gold jeans @ H&M

I discovered these cool gold jeans in H&M last week. I just had to share this with you guys. I know they are a bit out there and not to everybody’s taste. However if teamed with a plain black/cream/white/ top I think it could be quite a cool look! The bonus is that you really don’t need any spangly accessories or fancy looking shoes, as the jeans will be the statement piece. So perfect for you lazy ones too! I personally think they’re cool, however I did get a few laughs when I told people about them! I would like to know other people’s opinions! Yay or nay?

Oh and I ended up buying them, so I may post a pic up later on in the week!


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2 responses to “lil kunj discovers cool gold jeans @ H&M”

  1. mybakingempire says :

    I feel like you’re one of the few people I can think of who can rock a pair of gold jeans. I know I can’t, but I’m fine with my cobalt blue khakis. Also, I love your blog and want to help share it with others, so I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award!

  2. fleybovich says :

    Oh so that isn’t you in the pic? I like your sense of fashion. My girlfriend might like those pants also. Keep the fashion coming, I’ll know what to get her next time and will recommend things and look smarttt.

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