lil kunj and Art Explosion for Bristol Autism Project

For those of you interested in art and contributing to a good cause at the same time, the Bristol Autism Project had an art exhibition recently: Art Explosion.

Debbie Cogan, a Bristol resident whose son has high functioning autism, conceived the concept of Art Explosion.

The purpose of Art Explosion was to raise enough money to fund a soft play area at the Bristol Autism Project, which the Project was unable to afford by itself. The motivation behind the idea came directly from the children who benefit from the Project’s services.  The children said that they would love to have the opportunity to participate in soft play sessions but are often unable to participate in them with other children, as it can be too busy and noisy for them to handle.

A number of Bristol artists and some from further afield, including X Files actress Gillian Anderson and Skins actors, Daniel Kaluuya and Alex Arnold, pitched in and donated some of their artwork to Art Explosion to auction off to raise money. I think this is a great cause to support at a time when state agencies’ budgets are being cut and small projects like this are being squeezed.

Also what I appreciate about the art exhibition is that as it’s being done for a local charity, people who contribute are actually able to see for themselves and find out where and how the money they’ve donated is being spent. Personally I like being able to see where and how the money I’ve donated is being spent and that it is being used constructively for the benefit for the users of the charity.

For those of you interested or who know people who have a keen interest in art or keen to give to a good cause, there’s still a few pieces up for grabs here.



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