lil kunj gets excited about the Friday night addition to this years Balloon Fiesta

This one is for you Bristol-based readers and those who may be contemplating a cheeky visit to this great city over the summer. Apart from the Suspension Bridge and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, another thing that Bristol is famous for is its International Balloon Fiesta that’s held every year in August.

This year the Balloon Fiesta takes place over 4 days from the 9th till 12th August at Ashton Court. However for the first time in the event’s history the organisers are incorporating a programme of entertainment on the Friday night.

Personally I feel that this is a welcome but long over due addition! No entertainment on a Friday night?! Seriously, what’s that about?!!

So revellers attending the Fiesta this summer on the Friday night will be treated to “The Friday Night Illuminair”, which will involve a range of family friendly evening performances and events with it’s centrepiece being an aerobatics performance at dusk plus fireworks to light up the evening skies over Ashton Court.

Of course on the Thursday and Saturday night, visitors will be able the enjoy the long running tradition of experiencing the good old night glow.

It’s a great family friendly event, especially for kids, and big kids like myself. What’s not to like?!

Fireworks, hot air balloons lighting up and looking pretty, planes doing aerobatics, fairground rides, junk food, candy floss and hotdogs, it sounds pretty good to me. Although I haven’t been for a couple of years I’m sure they still give out random free sweets or other edible goodies! I managed to score 20 packets of chewits back in the day: pretty tasty, but not so good for my teeth.

If any of you manage to make a trip in August, have fun and let me know how you find it!  Have a look at the pics below of what to expect of the balloons (I don’t own any of the images).

Night Glow





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