lil kunj dons the infamous H&M gold jeans

Wow, my first fashion related post in a while!

Ok so as you guys know I purchased a certain pair of gold jeans from H&M a couple weeks back! A questionable item of clothing to own I know!

I managed to rope a lovely friend of mine into doing a bit of a photo shoot for me donning the said questionable item of clothing. I think we managed to pull it of. The styling was done by myself, styling in lil kunj terms means throwing on a black top, whatever heels I can find lying around in the porch at the time and whipping on a bit of eye liner for good measure.

My friend Dave did the photography, it was his first time shooting a proper person with his fancy camera, he’s generally shoots landscapes and animals, so my request posed as a bit of a challenge. I did offer to buy a tiger onesie from Primark and pose in various fierce tiger like poses on the Downs in Bristol to get the animal/landscape vibe going to help him feel at ease. He politely declined my offer :(. Maybe that could be our next project?!

Have a gander at our unedited results! I don’t think we did too badly for two amateurs on a random roof in Stokes Croft!


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2 responses to “lil kunj dons the infamous H&M gold jeans”

  1. aboutjewellery says :

    nice photos, love no. 4. what are the shoes you are wearing in the first photo? thanks!

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