lil kunj checks out Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals A/W 2012 Collection

Ok, so it’s been a while. Life has been a bit hectic recently as for the next couple of months I’m splitting my time between London and Bristol. On plus side, hopefully that means a range of more interesting posts and photos :).

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. So some of you fashionistas know that dear old Jeremy Scott does a range for Adidas. Yeah, some interesting pictures surfaced on the internet a few weeks back. As some of my regular readers know, I’m generally quite a tactful writer, quite correct and generally willing to give things a chance.

Screw that! Wtf ?!! What was going through their heads? It’s the most hideous collection of clothes I think I’ve ever seen.

Firstly is there really any guy out there who can rock the floral tracksuit?! I think not. Even Adam Senn, who is pretty much perfection in the way of looks would have serious issues pulling this look off. The garish teddy sneakers, I didn’t realise their target audience was 5 year old girls. Those would have been cool and cute IF I was still in INFANT school (oh wait, I think they do kids sizes too).

It looks as though they had a selection of plain garments that they were thinking about jazzing up and then a rainbow came along threw up over it all.

On the other hand I would like to go and try a few on, I don’t know whether for the comedy factor of it or to see whether there is anyway at all of rocking any of the garments without looking totally cringeworthy.

The collection is set to hit various stores and online some point in August for those of you who are daring enough to give the collection a go.

Anyway have a gander.


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One response to “lil kunj checks out Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals A/W 2012 Collection”

  1. Stagger X says :

    I didn’t believe that 2012 would be the end of the world until right now.

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