lil kunj attends Nike Training Club class with Serena Williams

After being away from London I forgot about some of the amazing opportunities it offers.

So for this one is for you fitness buffs out there and those of you who have the intention of getting fit too! Nike has this AMAZING initiative called Nike Training Club UK (NTC).

It’s a women’s fitness community offering expertise, inspiration and motivation for you to make yourself whatever you want to be.

NTC also offer a range of free women’s only training and fitness classes in London, Manchester and Glasgow (why not Bristol, eh??). They have a variety of classes on various days and locations in those cities. So it’s entirely up to you whether you get all hot and sweaty in a park in front of randomers passing by, or you do it from the comfort of one of the Nike Town stores away from public view. Did I mention it’s free as well? Yep, FREE! I love free stuff because I’m cheap and skint and studenty with silly amounts of loans.

These classes are full body training programmes created for women by world-class trainers.

Anyway they had the most AMAZING class on Friday in London, with the one and only SERENA WILLIAMS!!!!!!  Yeah, you know former world number tennis player, Wimbledon champion, just general complete sporting Goddess (for me she is, as she’s one of my favourite athletes). Ok I know she only made an appearance for a couple of minutes, but it was still cool to see her in person!

I cannot contain my excitement. The class was very very cool. It was a bit daunting as it was the first time I exercised in a while and it didn’t help that it was in the atrium in Westfield in front of all the shoppers, who were gathering around for a peek at what was going on.

The workout was quite intense and seeing as I’m no fitty I struggled. Luckily I could hide amongst the other 100 or so ladies who were also working out. The atmosphere was awesome and for someone who’s not really an exercise fan, unless it involves trying to win against someone, or beating someone up (just to clarify I’m not violent or anything!) I’m generally not interested. However the trainers do make the classes fun and enjoyable. You do come out feeling high from all the endorphins pumping around your body.

NTC have a lot of classes available including yoga, so check out their Facebook page! Unfortunately not all of have Serena Williams or other famous athletes present, but I’m sure they’ll be just as good! I’m sure Nike will be hosting other cool events in the future, so keep checking their updates!

I’ll do a proper review of one of their normal classes and post it up next week.

In the meanwhile like their Facebook page and sign up to their NTC classes here or download the app and in the words of Nike #makeitcount.

Here are some pics of the famous lady, unfortunately my Blackberry leaves a lot to be desired with it’s photo quality, but something’s better than nothing


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