lil kunj is shocked to find out you can buy cuddles for $60

Jackie Samuels – Founder of The Snuggery (Photo courtesy of

So I came across an article in the Daily Mail yesterday about some chick in New York called Jackie Samuel, who is a professional snuggler/cuddler.

Yeah that’s right, she cuddles people for a living.  She charges around $60 per hour to cuddle strangers, not just a here’s a cuddle brief cuddle type cuddle, but full on snuggling in a bed cuddling.  Ok so she has a strict nothing sexual rule but I can’t help but find the concept a tad bit interesting.

My initial reaction was “that’s an amazing idea”, but then after mulling over this possibility of it being a lucrative money-spinner on the side, I decided it’s definitely not one I’ll be pursuing, despite loving a good snuggle (who doesn’t love a good snuggle?). I don’t think I could snuggle a stranger, and also I guess it’s something I see as quite intimate and would only want do it with people that I really care about and who I have some sort of meaningful relationship with, like my baby nephew (he’s great to snuggle!). Also what if your client smells or dribbles, that wouldn’t be very good and of course there’s the safety issue too. Finally as great as it seems spending the whole day snuggling and snoozing, I’m sure the novelty would wear of after half a day and you’d end up being really unhealthy and feeling a bit yuck.

Anyway I do think fair play to the Jackie, she’s found a niche in the market and managed to make a business out of it, at the end of the day she isn’t causing any harm and she’s supporting her family and her studies.

As I said I find the idea quite interesting and wonder if the idea could catch on here in the UK, or whether she will open other snuggle dens Stateside? With divorce rates on rise, the number of people single in their 40’s at an all time high I’m sure there probably will be a rising demand for this kind of service. Whilst this type of business wouldn’t be my kind of thing, I’m sure she’s onto a winner here and I admire her entrepreneurial spirit. I’m sure this idea would have been met with a raised eyebrow or two so fair play to her for pursuing it.

Anyway for all you stateside based folk who are feeling a bit lonely and fancy doling out $60 for a cuddle, her business is called The Snuggery and is based in Rochester, New York.


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