Day 2/30: lil kunj mulls over life plans whilst admiring Roland Mouret’s Bridal collection

Ok so, not that I’m seeing anyone, let alone engaged and in the process of planning a wedding.  So I don’t know why Roland Mouret’s new collection of wedding dresses caught my eye. I’m currently in that phase of life where everytime I log in to Facebook, I see someone or other’s relationship status update to “engaged” or they’ve popped a kid out and well this picture sums up my feelings:


I’m not jealous at their happiness, I promise. I’m just being sulky, bratty and annoyed about how much of a flop my romantic life is.  I’m reminded that my life plan that I had 10 years ago is totally screwed. I was supposed to get married at the age 26. Yep, 26.  So I had a think about my options on what to do to rectify this situation and here they are:

  1. My target of 26 leaves me with just over 14 months to find someone, date them, get them to propose to me and marry me by 22nd February 2014. It could happen right?! I could come across my handsome prince/knight in shining armour, have a whirlwind romance and marry them within a year.
  2. I could go for a traditional Indian method of asking my parents to arrange my marriage and end up with some freshie.
  3. Try
  4. Just accept that the marriage aspect of my life plan that I had when I was 14/15 years old is a complete, massive, epic fail.

I think I’m going to be settling for option 4 and an alcoholic beverage or three!

Anyway back to wedding dresses, chances are I won’t be wearing a white wedding dress because I’m Indian and will be having a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t admire these dresses. Anyway there’s 5 dresses in the collection and they’re selling exclusively on so have a snoop for more detailed pictures. My personal fave is the middle one with lace back, it’s definitely a stunner of a dress. Oh and each dress comes with a message from Mouret, wrapped in a moleskin bow, which is just a little bit adorable!

Roland Mouret

A girl can dream!!


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One response to “Day 2/30: lil kunj mulls over life plans whilst admiring Roland Mouret’s Bridal collection”

  1. mybakingempire says :

    I’m in the same boat, and that meme made me laugh so hard! Everyone’s having babies in my life, and I thought I was doing pretty ok what with having a career and all, but now I feel that panic/spinster fear sinking in. I’m trying to remember what my 10 year plan was in high school. I do know one of my goals was to be on Saturday Night Live. (That didn’t happen.) As your elder, since you’re not yet 26, I think you’re still right on track 🙂

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