Day 3/30: lil kunj scrutinises the geek chic glasses trend

So over the past year I’ve been spotting these so-called fashionistas rocking humongous, somewhat hideous, geeky, thick, plastic framed glasses in the name of fashion. Apparently the look is considered sauvé and also adds a touch of intelligence and sophistication.

Ok so there may be a frame or two that look cool, but trust me, if you’ve spent the majority of your childhood and teenage years wearing that style of glasses and being traumatised, not having boys pay attention to you (let me tell you that whole “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”, doesn’t really count in secondary school) and made fun of because the cool kids didn’t perceive them as cool, you will not be agreeing at all with this trend. No one ever looks their absolute best in glasses. Period.

Blind people like me shouldn’t be made fun of because the NHS of the 1990’s did not have any sensible designs for children glasses.

Who do these fashionistas think they are, waltzing around with the geeky glasses and making them all cool?!

Anyway, I’m willing to let go and put my traumatic childhood to one side, and at the very least I can appreciate the benefit of these types of frames trending at the moment is that the younger generation of NHS glasses wearing kids won’t be teased at school. The second advantage is that it also gives my mother comfort in knowing that she is a proper trend spotting fashionista herself who is well ahead of the times as opposed to dismissing the whole of the fashion crowd to be a tad bit odd, as I do like my fashion.

        What the fashionistas will make you believe you’ll look like…….

What the fashionistas make you believe you'll look like

What you really look like….




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One response to “Day 3/30: lil kunj scrutinises the geek chic glasses trend”

  1. foxywholefoodie says :

    So true! I wear glasses like that out of necessity – and I know I never look as good as those celebrities rocking them for “fashion”

    Great post!

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