Day 4/30: lil kunj admires Steve McCurry’s shake up of the 2013 Pirelli Calendar

I’m not one to take notice of the articles focusing on the Pirelli calendar that seem to surface around this time each year. Being a straight girl and all, naked chicks just don’t do it for me. I just don’t swing that way! However the headlines did grab my eye this time round, apparently there’s no nakedness at all this year!

This years calendar has been shot by photojournalist Steve McCurry, who is more well known for his images of refugees in war torn Afghanistan, in particular his celebrated 1985 National Geographic cover image ‘Afghan Girl’, as opposed to photos of models in various states of undress.

Instead the models who made the cut were chosen because as well as being hot their appeal goes further, each of the girls selected do extensive charity work and it was thought that nudity would “dilute the message”. Beauties such as Adriana Lima (who is visibly pregnant), Petra Nemcova and Karlie Kloss are featured.

The calendar was shot against the beautiful and vibrant backdrop of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and make for some colourful results.

These photos just make me want to visit to Brazil even more.  My favourite shots are the one of the local fruit seller and her stall and the capoeira artists.

I’m sure there’s some disappointed people this year because of the lack of naughtiness, however I like what Mr McCurry has done I wish I could take photos that are as stunning as his.

Pirelli 5

Credit: Steve McCurry/Pirelli

Pirelli 4

Credit: Steve McCurry/Pirelli

Pirelli 3

Credit: Steve McCurry/Pirelli

Pirelli 2

Credit: Steve McCurry/Pirelli

Pirelli 1

Credit: Steve McCurry/Pirelli


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