Day 5/30: lil kunj on stud loving

Sadly, unlike the title may suggest, this isn’t an article dedicated to hot men and their hunky good looks. So studded things are currently in fashion.  It’s not really a trend that I thought I’d be rocking after I got over my awkward teenage goth phase (I got bored of wearing black all the time). However there are some cool bits and pieces out atm.

My two favourites are these below from Urban Outfitters and AX Paris. I have to admit I’ve been a bit cheeky and have purchased the Urban Outfitters version, they didn’t have the AX Paris one in my size :(.

Urban Outfitters Stud Top

Urban Outfitters Studded Collar Top

AX Paris Studded Collar Top

I would be tempted to try and replicate the AX Paris version, but sadly I can’t find a red chiffon top. However I have found the perfect studs in River Island… tone diamante! But let’s face it, I’m to lazy for customising, although if I do find a suitable top, I might be tempted to foray into DIY fashion!

RI Studs

River Island Gold Tone Diamante Customising Studs


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