Day 6/30: lil kunj checks out the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Evening folks! Hope you’ve all had a splendid day!

So my random post for the day is going to be about this years Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Basically I’ve spent the past two weeks of sick from work, and there’s only so much day time TV you can watch! I saw Facebook status’s of my dear friends who live in the US about how amazing the show was, so I wanted to get in on the action and see what all the fuss was about. So what better place to start then good old YouTube!

How pretty are some of the models and their outfits. Ok so they may be just a tad bit scantily clad, but you have to appreciate the design of some of the outfits, wings and jewellry. I want to wear a massive pair of fluffy wings! Anyway below is a selection of my favourites outfits.


Image courtesy of



Image courtesy of



Image courtesy of


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So what has watching this years show made me realise?! Well Bruno Mars is amazing as ever, but surprisingly I quite like Rihanna as a performer and even more shockingly I think I may have caught onto the whole Bieber fever thing too.  Finally I’m quite tempted to recreate Rihanna’s look at some point this Christmas, but with a less revealing split and without the funky looking sunglasses.


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One response to “Day 6/30: lil kunj checks out the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show”

  1. Scott Mitchell says :

    I blogged about that show too, mostly because of my girl Rihanna. Dang, she’s awesome

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