Day 10/30: Diamonds are lil kunj’s best friend!

Pop-Up Diamond Candle

So today I’ve discovered the coolest form of festive gambling around!

The funky people at Firebox have come up with a totally crazy, but totally stylish and sophisticated idea of Pop-Up Diamond candles.

Basically, scented candles (there are 5 different scents available such as fruity fig and energising bamboo) that come  in cool origami packaging. Yeah, it doesn’t sound that special does it?, especially considering price tags of £19.99 and £49.99 depending on the size. Except it could be special! One in fifty candles contain a diamond hidden in the wax, smaller candles contain a 0.15 carat diamond, and the larger ones contain a 0.25 carat diamond.

Basically the President of Pop-Up Paris inserts the diamonds by hand in to the wax moulds of the lucky few candles, under a watchful eye of scary henchmen apparently!

This seems like a much more pleasant form of gambling with better odds than the lottery. And it’s definitely a Christmas present I would like to receive! I love scented candles and I like diamonds, what’s not to like?!


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