Day 21/30: lil kunj admires David Lazar’s photography

Ok I know this post is a bit late, but here you go, the first part of being bombarded with posts that should have been put up in the past week.

I have a secret. Everyone has secrets. Mine is one that is frowned upon by all my friends. So here it is; I am in love with the Daily Mail website. Yeah, I said it, loud and proud, I think it’s amazing! (not so much their spelling and grammar but who am I to judge). I don’t love so much for it’s news, I get that from other sources, but I love it more so for it’s random articles. Sometimes hidden amongst the numerous articles of the Kardashians, Kate Middleton and TOWIE, they have some right gems. They draw your attention to things that you would have never come across or really even been interested in, such as photographers that you’ve never even heard about. Such as Australian photographer, David Lazar, who travels to remote places in the name of art. Mr Lazar said he likes to capture scenes that defy time and “drawn to subjects that do not reflect the modern world – I like to capture scenes that could have been taken 100 years ago”.

Here is a selection of my favourites. To read the full article click here.

DL 7DL 6DL 5DL 4DL 3DL 2DL 1


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