Day 28/30: lil kunj’s lapse of self control

Today I experienced a slight lapse of self-control during some online window-shopping. So basically window-shopping ended up turning into proper spending money type shopping. I’m such a cheapo at times and am totally in LOVE with sale shopping, you get so much more for your money. Why buy one dress when you can buy four for the same price?!

So I’m going to go of on a tangent for a bit and then get to the main point of this post.

Anyway, over the past year I feel I’ve let myself go a bit. I used to have such a kick ass wardrobe and used every opportunity to wear various trends and experiment with lots of different styles. During uni, I was probably what most of you would describe as the muppet who wears heels and is dressed to the nines for lectures. Anyway in the past year that has changed, especially in the past couple of months. Yes, I have found contentment indulging in other activities, such as sport, however I took up sport to get fit and in the hope that it would boost my mood and work as a miracle cure and stop me feeling depressed and anxious. I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve had a pretty dark few months. Dark to the extent that I’ve been taking prescribed anti depressants  (it’s one month of hell settling on these tablets) and am in discussion with my GP to undertake a course of cognitive behavioral therapy or counselling. From a typical fashionista/mean girls/clueless point of view I’ve “totally let myself go”. I can’t believe I’m admitting this in a public domain, but last week for the first time in 3 months, I shaved my legs (yeah I looked like some gorilla), got my eyebrows threaded, donned some make up and properly socialised. That’s like “totally eww and totally tragic”.  Oh and this week for the first time in a couple of months I’ve actually started eating 3 meals a day. It feels so good to finally have my appetite back; food is so wonderful. Months of seeing food and wanting to eat it, but not having the appetite for it or not enjoying is seriously dire. You know you have issues when you aren’t enjoying eating even the smallest amount of chocolate!

So I don’t know what you guys have as a guilty pleasure, but this past month for me has involved watching Desperate Housewives from the beginning of season 1 to take my mind of things. I’m at the end of season 4 now. I know it may be like a tiny bit of a fantasy and totally impractical taking into consideration British weather, but I just love how sassy and well dressed Eva Longoria’s character, Gaby, looks. One thing about most of her outfits is that they all seem so timeless.

So my purchases today were of 2 dresses, both from French Connection. I think they are both styles that potentially won’t go out fashion, not overly fussy, as well as being kind to the figure and being totally sassy. I’m looking forward to wearing them once spring arrives.

So here’s to a healthier, happier, more stylish and groomed new year (asking for it to be sunnier, may be pushing my luck a bit!).

Dress 1 Dress 2


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2 responses to “Day 28/30: lil kunj’s lapse of self control”

  1. mybakingempire says :

    Sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough few months. It’s great you’re taking steps to make yourself feel better, and better yet that you ARE feeling more like your regular self. As for your new wardrobe – killer dress choices, both. I hope 2013 brings you even more happiness and new fashions.

    • lilkunjBigWorld says :

      Thank you for the comment and your support. It’s been rough, but thankfully I’m feeling much better and much more positive about everything! Thank you for the compliment on dress choices, I’m not usually a French Connection fan, but they do have some gems 🙂

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