Day 29/30: lil kunj’s New Years resolutions

It’s that time of year again where everyone ponders over the happenings of the past 12 months. We reflect on our successes and failures and wonder where time has gone. I’ m not going to look at the set of resolutions that I made last year, they were a bit of a flop. Maybe I was being slightly ambitious or I set myself resolutions that didn’t really interest me. Whatever the reason I’ve been thinking what things I would like to change in 2013.

So here goes, these are my resolutions for the following year:

  1. Write 3 blog posts a week
  2. Take more photos
  3. Read a book every month
  4. Try something new/out of my comfort zone every month
  5. Exercise 2-3 times a week
  6. Pass a certain exam that I’ve been delaying for a while.
  7. Travel to 3 different countries
  8. Experiment with my style and clothes more
  9. Do at least 2 more 30 day challenges
  10. Tell my family I love them more often and be more affectionate towards them

Anyway I don’t think these are overly ambitious resolutions. I think rather than trying to do everything in one go and attempting to be superwoman, I’m going to take it one month at a time and see how enjoyable certain things are and gradually incorporate it into my life.

Anyway good night folks!


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2 responses to “Day 29/30: lil kunj’s New Years resolutions”

  1. mybakingempire says :

    I think these are pretty solid and achievable goals. I might borrow some of them for my list!

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