Oooh Versace ;) :Versace’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection

So first proper post of the year. I guess I’ve been a bit lazy and am still in a bit of a post Christmas/New Year haze and in total denial that all the festive merriment and jolliness has come to an end for another year. Sad times. I’ve also decided that because of various changes that I’ve been making in the past six months means that I have more time on my hands, to be totally self indulgent. This has resulted in spending evenings online window shopping (with the occasional cheeky purchase), and stuffing my face with chocolate (basically testing out the whole range currently on offer at Thornton’s) and watching Desperate Housewives. I’ll get back to proper blogging once I’ve finished all the seasons! (I’ve just started season 6).

So back to the topic, I came across the new ads for Versace’s Spring/Summer 2013 campaign. Fashion photographers Mert Alad and Marcus Piggot have shot the campaign. I feel that the buff, practically naked men are slightly unnecessary, I think if they just had the models on their own in the stunning clothes, the ad would be a little more tasteful, but on the other hand seeing as I have limited contact with hot specimens of the opposite sex, I ain’t complaining. I also guess maybe the campaign would lose some of it’s X Factor without the hot, male, buffness. I also admire the male model’s red hair, seriously not many people can pull that kinda look of. And I may have admired his nice face and body, but that was just an afterthought, honest!

I love how they’ve used a dark background as it really brings out the vibrancy of the colours used in the designs and you just can’t help but admire. How lovely are the clothes? I guess I would say Versace is one of my fave designers, mainly because there’s a lot of use of bright colour in their designs. Bright colours stand out, introduce variety in to our wardrobes and make me smile. I guess I don’t like being a wall flower, and while other designers use a safer spectrum of colours, I just prefer the crazy colour palette the Versace continuously offer, I just find it fun. Anyway go ahead and admire the clothes. I’m in love with the blue dress and the orange shoes. I want them both. If only I could win the Euromillions 😦

Versace 1 Versace 2 Versace 3 Versace 4 Versace 5 Versace 6


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3 responses to “Oooh Versace ;) :Versace’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection”

  1. Friday's Circle :: confessions of a Single muslim girl says :

    These images are so luxe I just want to jump inside them and live in that world! Haha. Always ‘gotta’ love a bit of Versace glamour! That blue dress is LUSH! xo

  2. Scott Mitchell says :

    Awesome. I love how they made up the models. Such a brand should always use good art like this. Thanks for sharing

  3. shayrisms says :

    Friends….. If You Like See &
    Like And Comment On It.Thanks.

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