Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain @ The Barbican; Embrace your Inner Geek

L0025619 Phrenology: the human and animal brain, the location of itsIt’s not very often you come across festivals that focus on the brain and neurosciences. Yeah guys, you heard me right, THE BRAIN!!!!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my background, I’m a brain geek. I love the brain and everything associated with it. Well almost everything! I have a masters in Epilepsy! From King’s College, London (which is by far the most elitist, coolest constituent college of the University of London), did I mention I got a merit as well?! Ok, so I get a bit too enthusiastic about my times at King’s, but it was honestly one of the best years of my life and reminiscing about it always gives me one these warm fuzzy feelings.

Anyway so seeing that the Barbican are holding a creative learning festival; Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain, got me very excited and I decided to embrace my inner geek.

“Wonder brings together the Barbican and the Wellcome Trust for the first time, to create a rich season of events that explore, and are inspired by, the human brain”

The Barbican has an excellent line up. In a nutshell it includes performance lectures, films, street fairs which include various activities and demonstrations as well as dance, theatre and music, talks by Ruby Wax. Finally the part that I’m most excited about is The Salon Project. Here’s what it says on the website: “being costumed in full period evening dress before emerging into a mirrored impression of a 19the century Parisian salon. As you mingle with guests, pioneers in their fields will provoke discussion, speaking on subjects at the vanguard of 21st-century thought: science, politics, technology and the arts.The Salon Project recreates the exclusive meetings at the heart of what was French society‘s golden age – an era of change, excess and inquiry. Relive its splendour, contrast it with the present, and imagine what the future will hold in this beautifully crafted night of fashion and conversation.”

I know it’s just a couple of months away but it sounds pretty cool and interesting to me and am definitely attending with some of my fellow KCL friends who mastered in Neurosciences. Yay! School Trip!!

So if any of you want to try something a bit different and want details click here for the programme.


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One response to “Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain @ The Barbican; Embrace your Inner Geek”

  1. chloedyerdesigns says :

    Hi…fellow Brain geek here (Neurosurgical Nurse)….this sounds fab!

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