Day 3/30: Aren’t these like the coolest earrings ever?!

So we all know that I’m a self confessed geek. Yeah, when I was a kid I wasn’t one of these kids that wanted to be a cutesy wutesy vet or a hairdresser or a model. No. I wanted to be a palaeontologist, like Ross from friends, or an astronaut or a scientist. There was even a point when I was seven, when I wanted to be a Da Vinci equiavlent. I was a pretty, mighty ambitious 7 year old!! For some reason unbeknown to myself, I’ve taken a slight diversion from my ambitious, intellectual journey and spend more and more time browsing online shops instead. So today I found some earrings by Eclectic Eccentricity which appealed to my inner geek child. If only they made these when I was a budding dinosaur geek, it would have made me a lot cooler!

Head over to John Greed jewellery if you fancy indulging your inner geek!

T Rex Earrings

T Rex Earrings



Triceratops earrings

Triceratops Earrings


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