Day 7/30: Ka-Boom!

This was a little post that I was supposed to post up a while ago before I went to India.  View Art Gallery Bristol was host to a funky pop art exhibition earlier this year, aptly named Ka-Boom. The exhibition drew on creativity from the comic book universe, bringing together an explosive show of dynamic artwork from emerging and established artists. Artists that were showcasing their work at the exhibition included Kristian Fletcher, Thomas Dowdeswell, Damian Daly, ,Mr Mead, Darren West, Ben Allen, Robert Bradford and Paul Oz. This was definitely one of the most enjoyable exhibitions I’ve been to, and to top it of they even had a batmobile! Have a gander at the pictures, it’s a mixture of photos that I’ve taken (sadly there’s not a lot as it was incredibly busy) and pictures from the online catalogue.

DSC05662 DSC05669 The-Loneliness-of-Jonas-McGinleyweb-650x650 The-Partyboy Vampire-Vixen-LR-300x300

DSC05657 DSC05653 DSC05651 DSC05648DSC05666 DSC05665 DSC05660 DSC05658 DSC05649


Joker- ViewDSC05672



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One response to “Day 7/30: Ka-Boom!”

  1. bpb says :

    😀 the martian flower skeleton is my fav!

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